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STOP Comparing Yourself to Others

This is something I consistently try to remind myself – “everyone is different, everyone has their own, unique path in life.” But it’s hard when society influences us to achieve special milestones at certain ages. Get a job, get a car, get a promotion, move out, meet someone, get a dog, travel, get married. Have kids.

I won’t lie, I am human. I can’t help but feel insecure when I see my friends achieve some, or even all of these milestones while I seem to stay stagnant, living in my own world and with not much to show – not even photos, because I barely post to Instagram.

But l always remind myself, I check back in and ground myself by literally saying out loud – “you are not someone else. You are you.”

There are 7 billion people in the world. The assumption that we are all living on the same clock, pursuing the same goals, is a large fiction. We are all so different, and we all need to follow our own hearts if we want to be happy. If you follow the beat of another’s drum, all you are doing is validating their dreams, while ignoring your own.

Have the confidence to validate yourself. Give yourself permission to follow your dreams, and desires. Remember – tomorrow is not promised. Any day could be your last on Earth, and if I have to exit this world, I want to do so and I want others to know that I did everything possible to control my destiny by following my heart. Not by limiting myself by the expectations of others.

And who’s to say these people even have expectations of us? These expectations are often imagined, and in essence we are holding ourselves accountable to unrealistic expectations that are of our own creation.

Do yourself a favour, and be mindful of the times when you start to think thoughts where you compare yourself to others, and blame yourself for falling short.

Say to yourself: I AM ENOUGH.


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