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Australia is Calling

Today, I received an email from the Australian government letting me know that I’ve been approved for a Working Holiday Visa. I felt . . . happy? sad? I guess I experienced a combination of both, or more like this poignant, nostalgic feeling for a future I envisioned, but never really believed I would experience.

I know it sounds crazy, but I secretly hoped that I wouldn’t get approved. I applied and I was genuinely excited about the possibility of going, imagining this grand life for myself I’m used to seeing other people live, but deep down, I was scared.

Would I be able to make new friends? Would I miss out on a lot back home? Would my childhood friend ever forgive me for missing her wedding?

These are all normal concerns – the anxieties we use to hold ourselves back from experiencing the new and radically different, the life-changing and otherworldly.

We like to imagine ourselves taking the leap, without actually jumping in real life. In our dreams, the fall never hurts, for there are always safety nets and knee pads. We only see the best possible scenario because there is no gravity weighing us down, making it easy to get carried away with the image of perfection.

That is sometimes enough; imagination is all you need, they say.

But what’s waiting for me on the other side? Is it my fate to be in Australia? The choices we make have the potential to change our lives forever, and for every new opportunity you say no to, you ultimately say yes to staying the same. We need to open up and say yes to life for our dreams to come true.



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