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I’m Going Vegetarian

Recently, I’ve decided to adopt a Vegetarian diet. No more meat! I always felt uneasy with eating meat, and deep down, experienced guilt, sadness and other negative emotions (sometimes unconscious, lingering ones) as a result of my carnivorous ways. For me, eating meat always carried an emotional price, and I wasn’t willing to pay for it anymore.


A friend of mine routinely tags me in funny posts on Facebook, and it was after I watched this clip in particular that I decided to seriously commit to leaving my flexetarian lifestyle behind, and adopt a full-blown vegetarian diet. When I saw these animals playing and experiencing joy out of life, the way our children do for example, I made up my mind that I wouldn’t do it anymore. Animals aren’t made just for us to serve as food. They have their own emotional lives too, and the idea that our lives are more important than theirs is untrue.

Living vegetarian hasn’t been easy though. Sometimes I relapse, and eat meat without even realizing it, or looks for ways to justify it. I’ve gained a few pounds too. It’s not much, but it definitely tells me that my body is changing because of my new diet.

After giving up meat, I’ve had more sugar cravings than usual. I could hardly stop myself from snacking on cookies, chocolate and other sweets to make up for the huge gap in my diet cause by giving up meat. My appetite for sweets was growing to compensate.

The few extra pounds were a reality check that I couldn’t just “cut” meat out of my diet; I would have to replace it with other substantial forms of protein and healthy fats. I’ve started creating more balanced, nutritious meals that leave me feeling satisfied, which has made saying “no” to meat so much easier. And I’ve had less cravings for sweets, too. My favourite form of vegan protein is falafel:) What’s yours?


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