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Workout Diary

Have you ever kept a workout diary? I’m currently testing the waters, and I’ll be sharing my experience at my local fitness studio, Energy Lab. I personally am not a fan of gyms, and prefer to attend exercise classes. My favourite form of exercise is Bikram Yoga, however as I have already completed 30 day Bikram Yoga challenges in the past, my current goal is to complete a workout challenge consisting of Spin, Hatha/Hot Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and TRX.

Day 1

Cardio, cardio, cardio! I attended a spin class, and wow – I was surprised how challenging it was. It was only half an hour, but it was intense – by the end, I was sweating profusely and literally had a lump which was the result of my heart beating so fast and hard that it ricocheted throughout my body. Spin is awesome because there’s loud music playing and the energy is super high.

Day 2

I attended a Hot Core Yoga class. The room was heated to 92 degrees, which helps facilitate perspiration so that you can help toxins escape from your body, and also warms up your muscles, making it easier to go deeper into your stretches. I love yoga; it’s probably the only form of exercise I truly love. It really resonates with my soul because it’s more spiritual and encourages a mind, body, and spirit connection.

Day 3

I love me a Pilates/Yoga flow! This class was a combination of my two forms of exercise. The first half was intense Pilates core-centric work that never fails to kick my ass. My instructor was amazing – she is an older woman, well over 65, and is so inspiring. When I see seniors who are so fit and healthy, it encourages me to work a little bit harder. My thighs were literally burning during her class. The second half of class was yoga.

Day 4

Today I decided to do a double – back to back classes! First I started with a booty-focused Barre class. This class was so much harder than I expected. To date, this was the hardest class so far. We did a lot of exercises using balls. My second class was a Hot Power Yoga class. I felt like this class was almost too hard for me, which somewhat discouraged me. The pace was really quick and I kept feeling like I was two seconds behind everyone else. Some postures I didn’t even try. But then there were some postures I did really well. I was the only person in the class who could do a headstand – everyone clapped watching me! I started blushing I was so embarrassed, although definitely flattered and gained some confidence in my abilities.

Day 5

Another spin class! I figured I needed some cardio since it had been some time since my last spin class. During this class, I really tapped into my mind body connection. While spinning, it’s important to have some resistance. Without resistance, you can easily lose control on the bike. Your legs start peddling so fast, you feel like the bike and your body aren’t in sync as the peddles spin out of control. But when you add some resistance, you have much more control. You feel safer on the bike, and the feeling of the resistance beneath your feet makes riding all the more fun. I thought about how this translates to my real life – just like riding a bike, is resistance necessary for us to feel in control of our lives? And is resistance even, dare I say it, enjoyable? Maybe I’m just masochistic, but I thrive on challenge and love the feeling of persevering through tough conditions.

Day 6


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